About Us

Brittann Photography came into existence from one thing - the absolute passion to capture a fleeting moment and to save it. My oldest daughter was born in 2002 and I started then with my dad's old 1965 Nikon film camera to attempt to document her life. I wasn't particularly amazing, but I had a passion and a love that drove me to be better. In 2003, my friend and I decided to give the business side of our passion a go. By November of 2003, we were up and running. Since then my dear friend and I moved across the country but not to the same state and decided to part ways. Brittann Photography has evolved into a business owned by me, Shannon Dickman. I love what I get to do. Now based in Parker, Colorado I find myself seeking out families, children, newborns, seniors and a variety of other portrait opportunities. I still do weddings on occasion, but my heart rests with families as I am currently in the thick of my own. We now have five beautiful children who are the light of my life.

At Brittann Photography we've managed to provide a unique twist on photography. We come to you. We are happy to do location photography just about anywhere and we love to spend some quality time with your family where they are most comfortable - often times in your own home. But, we are branching out now and creating a new sister company to Brittann Photography called Blue Poppy. This part of Brittann Photography will provide a lower cost solution to individuals and families who are willing to be given a shorter amount of time to get great photos and thus benefit from a lower cost.

A few times a year we get together and host a portrait party, and as our clients - you are always a guest on our list! The parties will typically have a theme but will always have a set location. You get the benefit of dividing expenses among many so you pay less!

So, now as my client - you have the opportuntity to enjoy two completely different experiences with portrait photography. Brittann Photography will continue to offer your portrait session, one on one, on location for whatever time is needed. OR Brittann Photography's Blue Poppy leg of the business offers you economies of scale - short mini sessions brought to you for less expense without the loss of quality. The best of both worlds!

We are also welcoming a new face to Brittann Photography's team...Miss Kelsey Hansen. She is a fresh new addition who will add personality, style and talent to the team. We are super excited to have her!

Please contact us via our email : brittannphotography@gmail.com